Mission Statement

Image Our mission is to re-surface the importance of the Hispanic culture in our country and especially in Miami, by disseminating and promoting knowledge of Spain & the Mediterranean from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Interdisciplinary research will be fostered by the focus on the Mediterranean basin not just as a geopolitical space but rather as a conceptual opportunity to shift the emphasis from nationalist borders to bridging civilizations and peoples.

Oceans and seas are the connectors, the spaces of collective and individual discovery and reinvention.

The Iberian Peninsula is in our vision the ancestral frontier of Europe the bridge between the Mediterranean through the Atlantic to the Caribbean—named by intellectuals the “other” Mediterranean.

Our vision is to take the Initiative for Spanish and Mediterranean Studies to the next level by creating a permanent endowed center that would demonstrate FIU’s commitment to highly relevant fields of study as foundational to the mission of a predominantly Hispanic-serving university.